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Dedicated to Our Financial Advice

At GEM Advisors, our financial advisors and client service representatives are dedicated to listening, evaluating and responding to your needs.  The base of our advisory business is financial planning so we can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your wealth management decisions.  

Initially, we have a four step process of onboarding clients to the GEM Advisors experience.  Our thoughtful and engaging process ensures our partnership commences with all the facts first.  As someone who has accumulated wealth, your situation is unique.  Your goals may involve capital preservation and wealth transfer issues as well as tax considerations.  You need a personalized investment strategy delivered with objectivity.

Our experienced team focuses on providing the resources to meet the unique needs of individuals and families, including concentrated stock management, portfolio construction, risk management, investment strategies and wealth preservation. With objective advice and no proprietary products, you can leverage GEM Advisors to provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis – Your advisor at GEM will engage with you to explore your risk tolerance, your goals and objectives, and your current financial picture.  Through your personal plan, we strategize how best to help you pursue your goals and preserve your wealth.
  • Guidance – GEM Advisors provides a centralized point of contact for access to an advisor and assistance from various subject matter experts who can address the spectrum of wealth management issues. We partner with you to develop customized investment proposals that evaluate investment options, articulate the investment management process, and illustrate our overall financial strategy.
  • Implementation – GEM Advisors implements the mutually agreed upon investment strategies with quality managers, individual stock and bond issues as well as ETF’s and mutual funds.  Your advisor at GEM continues to monitor, research and evaluate your holdings so they are in line with your financial plan objectives.
  • Monitor and Review – This ongoing stage of our process ensures your personalized investment strategy is delivered with objectivity. GEM Advisors is also committed to conducting client reviews on an ongoing basis.  We update your financial plan annually with any significant changes to your financial life.

We welcome the opportunity to have a consultative discussion with you and explore how we could work together.  Please call us at 847-680-3082 to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors.

Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy, including asset allocation, ensures a profit or protection against a loss.